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What you will get from my coaching program

Gain Bandwidth for Peace

You’ll develop a filter for the "best yes”, learn how to say no, and develop a framework to choose how you spend your time. 

Identify the Barriers Holding You Back

You'll understand the unique abilities that you bring to the table and overcome insecurities to realize your full potential. 

Celebrate Your Wins and Map Out the Future

You'll slow down and bring more focus to what's important. You will now be reminded to reflect on your accomplishments, in order to celebrate and recognize. You will have the tools to evaluate what’s working and what’s not, so that you can determine the most productive next steps. Look out world, here you come!!

Rebecca A.

"After many years as a professional, working mom, I was at a crossroads in my life and trying to define my goals and purpose for the next phase.  Christine's Coaching programs helped me redefine how I think about the future and I am now well on my way to creating a life filled with joy and meaning!!"


When you sign up for Christine's Mindset Reset program, you will get two bonus video sessions! Download the full Mindset Reset Course Table of Contents below. 

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 This is a six-week course inclusive of 21 video sessions (plus 2 bonus sessions!), a Mindset Reset journal, and live group coaching sessions after the completion of each phase. The exercises and journal activities that you will complete throughout the program are intentionally designed to restructure neural pathways so that you can achieve your goals. In addition, you will be part of a mindset reset community Facebook group where you will have the opportunity to interact and learn from others who are also part of Christine’s programs.

Elizabeth P.

"I found a majority of my days to be unorganized, and chaotic. I was in a constant reactive state, feeling out of control and incapable of directing my life. Christine Roberts  challenged me to remove mental barriers, organize my time, and find creative solutions to everyday obstacles. Today, I am ahead of the game, with an abundance of confidence and positivity. I am forever grateful for Christine’s help."

What Makes Christine's Mindset Reset Unique

The program has been designed specifically for people who want to be intentional about creating a life of optimum joy, purpose, fulfillment, and meaningful accomplishments. The program cadence considers busy schedules, balancing roles at home and at work with a sense of living on purpose. Some of the key elements that address this are:

Convenience - On Your Terms

All the course content is online and delivered to your inbox first thing in the morning so you can start your day with intentionality. We believe in progress not perfection.

Belong to a Community of Ambitious Women

You are invited to a private Facebook group that will offer inspiration and encouragement, collaboration, and connection. We are all in this together!!

Live Training

The course includes training at the completion of each phase. Stay motivated and invigorated with live trainings to share insights and ideas, to add value to your life which ultimately adds value to everyone you influence.

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