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Mindset Reset Kick-Starter includes Bonus Free 1:1 Coaching Session

3 Easy Steps to Map out Your 1-Year Plan with Intention!

Gain peace knowing that you're taking charge of your life!

The Mindset Reset Kick-Starter bundle provides you with simple tools to quickly get your home and work life on track for success!

In as fast as 30 days without wasting time.

Life is too short NOT to be intentional and live on purpose...agree? 

Here’s what you’ll get inside the Mindset Reset Kick-Starter bundle:

  1. Get a baseline of where you stand in all aspects of your life
  2. Learn the framework of my signature G.R.O.W. method 
  3. Create the vision,goals, and then go execute!!! 
  4. One-on-one guidance and coaching for accountability and execution.

Signature G.R.O.W. Method

The G.R.O.W. Method is a framework for achieving a positive, resilient, and the Why Not Me Attitude. 


Welcome and introduction, sharing the details of the program and what to expect. We’ll “walk” through the actions and mindset to achieve the most impactful results possible. 


A quick and easy framework to raise awareness about what is going well and where you need to improve then provides a clear direction for you as you move forward in this coaching program.   

 What you'll get:

  • 3-part mini-series coaching program to benchmark various aspects of life, identify what’s going well and where to improve.  
  • Provides Simple activities to develop a mindset shift utilizing the G.R.O.W method 
  • Provides tools to build out an actionable vision & goals roadmap to set the foundation for this program.
  • One (50-minute) 1:1 coaching session for accountability and execution of your vision


What you will learn in this Kickstarter Mindset Reset Mini-Course

  • Mindset Reset Kickstarter Mini Course is a unique comprehensive process for clarity and purpose to map out your life. 
  • It takes complex ideas and makes it easy to determine where to grow for the most intentional life possible. 
  • The program offers flexibility to adapt to your schedule.
  • The course “walks” you through a step-by-step process to set benchmarks for the various aspects of life and shows how to take desired results. 

We’ll celebrate successes, breakthroughs, and new ways of living and thinking. This is when the next steps will be determined regarding continued coaching or other programs. 

Imagine feeling in charge of all areas of your life and living on purpose so that at the end of your life you have no regrets.

 Here’s what’s included:

  • 3-part mini-series coaching program to benchmark various aspects of life. (value $ 550)
  •  Provides Simple activities to develop a mindset shift utilizing the G.R.O.W method (value $ 197) 
  •  Provides tools to build out actionable vision & goals roadmap. (value $ 197)
  • Free (50-minute) 1:1 coaching sessions for accountability and execution of your vision. (value $225)  

Total value = $1,169 

Today’s Price = $97


🏆 CYBL Coaching Program Success Components:

Simple and easy steps to ensure your results and elevate your confidence where you identify what’s most important and trust your gut again. And set up systems for continued success in your life going forward both at work and at home.

👉 Content:  Lifetime access to the on-demand portal. You’ll unlock micro-learning lessons to implement at your own pace, reducing crippling overwhelm so you can stay in massive action.  Access online and via the downloadable app on any device, everything is available at your fingertips making it convenient for YOU. 

👉 Coaching: Free, (50-minute) 1:1  coaching sessions that meet you exactly where you are. Bring your work to get coaching and collaborative feedback with CYBL coaches. 


🎁 CYBL Community:  24x7 access to a private community of fellow go-getters.  Experience the value and power of like-minded women supporting each other on their journey while developing meaningful relationships with women who may be your future friends, clients, vendors, or partners. 

🎁 Journal 

Custom journal with tools and exercises providing a centralized place to capture thoughts, plans, and ideas and ultimately create your roadmap. Can be printed or utilized online in a digital format. 

🏆 You'll learn proven techniques to improve:

  • The most important relationship with yourself to ultimately benefit those you love!
  • Reduce stress and anxiety by stepping back from the rat race and implementing new ways to fill your life with positive influences!
  • Create your best life at work and home! Here's a hint: It starts with you!

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

The investment into the Mindset Reset Kickstarter Bundle provides you with lifetime access to the program.  I know that you will Create Your Best Life with me, & when you complete the work in the programs you will grow and change.  We believe in the Mindset Reset Kickstarter Bundle Program so much that we offer a 100% 7-day risk-free guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your results, simply contact us with your completed coursework for a full refund.