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When people said I couldn't, I did coach.


Overcame a childhood filled with alcoholism, domestic violence, and sexual abuse.

Beat the Odds

The first person ever to get an Executive MBA with no undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, even when they said it wasn’t possible

Positive Mindset

Made my personal and career goals a reality through a positive mindset and not letting others tell me what I can and can’t accomplish

Feel like you are meant for more?

It’s time to overcome the obstacles and the “I’m stuck” moments in your life. I’ll empower you to live by my Why Not Me Attitude.

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Hi! I'm Christine!

I am a goal-oriented person, driven by faith, with an irresistible zest for life. I am overjoyed, an overcomer, and an overachiever, which makes me more than the right life coach for you. My vision is for you to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way, by tailoring my GROW Methodology & tools and implementing them in your life. 

The definition of success is subjective to each individual.

I will teach you how to leverage your strengths to overcome your doubts, in order to become successful in your terms.

Think of me as a friend, cheerleader, and advisor. I will bring awareness to your thoughts, help you outline your goals, and give you access to my tools that will help you take steps in reaching your goals. Through small but mighty daily lessons, I will show you how to change your thinking and turn yourself into a confident individual that will be inspired to take a chance. Once you change your mindset through my mindset reset program, you will gain the confidence to try new things that you once labeled impossible, no matter what phase of life you're in.

Still curious what you can learn from me? Let me tell you how I learned to live by the Why Not Me Attitude to get you inspired! 

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Deanna H.

"I had false beliefs holding me back from my best life. But after being a part of Christine's Coaching Program, I'm now living my dream of being an Integrative Health Coach!"

Donna H.

"Learning strategies for managing my thoughts improved my mindset at work, which ultimately improved my perspective and increased productivity and joy!"

Kristen I.

"Christine's Coaching Program has positively changed my life by helping me improve the quality of my thinking. My family life and professional life are now both thriving!"

Christine's Signature G.R.O.W. Method

The GROW Method is an overarching methodology for achieving a positive, resilient, and the Why Not Me Attitude. Everything with regards to mindset rolls up under this infrastructure. I will teach you to use my GROW method as a framework and philosophy to continuously live by. 

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