As a writer, I love to pass the practical along with the philosophical, so women like you are empowered to personally engage and grow.

That’s why I authored Inspirational Mind Food, wrote my adventure blog Rollin’ with the Roberts, and currently writing a blog, Create Your Best Life.

Inspirational Mind Food is a compilation of short vignettes in my life as a busy wife, mother, writer, business woman—the list goes on!

I share candidly about moments in both my personal and professional life when I was able to consciously and intentionally create a positive situation—and sometimes not.

I believe that a paradigm shift can occur in your life with both moderation and the power of positive thinking. Inspirational Mind Food provides an easy read, but powerful food for thought, equipping you with confidence and proven strategies to embark on a series of changes leading to a more joyful and impactful life.

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"Inspirational Mind Food" is a compilation of short vignettes in the life of Christine Roberts: wife, mother, room mom, writer, business woman...the list goes on. Christine takes us through moments in both her personal and professional life when she was able to consciously create a positive situation, and sometimes not. When reading, you will gain insight, inspiration, and actionable ideas to improve your mind and life.

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I enjoyed this book and the easy to read format. It's the kind of book you can pick up and put down easily. The messages are basic and meaningful. Not overly complicated or sappy...Just honest and thought provoking. The correlations to the author's real life experiences are enjoyable and add to the credibility of the messages.


Mind Food is a straight forward, thought provoking compilation of life lessons that everyone needs to be reminded of from time to time.


The chapters are short, with a brief example from the author's point of view on her personal experiences with how some of our destructive thoughts can really wreak havoc on our lives. But she also provides a way to turn it around, and think about it from a different perspective.


Christine is a talented writer with a knack for digging deep into soulful issues. The book is honest, humorous and insightful. After reading "Inspirational Mind Food", you will certainly be inspired to be a better person. I highly recommend!


What I like most about this book is that each chapter is specific to a thought or feeling we all have at some point, and some really stand out as those you have more often than others.


This positive, uplifting book was a fun read. The messages that the wise Christine Roberts shares in her lovingly woven stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you remember how grateful you should be. This book is a perfect gift book to share with all. Highly recommend!.


This book is written for adults , but could be used for children when teaching and mentoring on healthy mindsets . The format is done in very distilled down teachable nuggets . I will be buying more for Christmas gifts.


The book includes 'take action' suggestions for how to overcome or reduce these negative thoughts/actions. I have dog-eared a few of the chapters that really resonated with me personally, and I keep it by my bedside to remind myself of how I can control my thoughts and actions when I start to spiral down about a situation. 


Each chapter is a quick read, so I use it as a reminder when my thoughts start to turn negative. Highly recommend this book!!