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Cultural’s real!

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Imagine dropping the anchor, and tumbling backward off a boat into the ocean to go scuba diving. 

While under the water, you constantly look back to make sure the anchor is still in view. Eventually you get taken by the moment and stop checking. Time passes by and the undercurrent has carried you away... was too late. 

You ascend to the top of the water, only to find their boat practically beyond view...

Our lives can be carried away by the “cultural current,” too, without even realizing it! 

Step back and ask: 

  • “What do I want my life to look like?” 
  • “What do I want my family life to look like?” 

Your answer may be very different from what you are living. 

It’s easy to go along with what everyone else is doing because we feel like that’s what we’re supposed to do. 

For example:

  • Your child’s coach thinks the team should have another night of practice each week. This will cost you more money that you weren’t planning and another night the whole family can’t sit down together for dinner…but you go along.
  • That committee needs another volunteer; you feel pressure to join even though you’re already completely stretched. You know you need to take better care of yourself but that will have to come later…but when?
  • Friends just bought a new home, car, or other material item and now you want to spend money you don’t have on getting new stuff too…will there ever be a “nest egg” for security?
  • You watch your child come home from school stressed out and borderline depressed because they can’t keep up with the advanced classes, everyone thinks that in order to get into the best college and be successful in life, straight “A’s”  in these classes are mandatory….is that really true? And at what expense?

 What is it for you? Where are you submitting to the cultural current? What are you going to do about it?

A few years ago, our family made the decision for dramatic change by selling our house, cars, a lot of our “stuff”, buying an RV and jeep to travel America. What an awesome adventure. Talk about breaking free from the cultural current! 

Many have wondered whether we were crazy or courageous.

The awareness of creating an intentional life is what drove the decision.  

That’s what we did. 

What is it for you?

Every day we have the opportunity to create our best life. Now go for it!! 

What helps you shift into happiness? Comment and let me know?

*The scuba diving story is based on a short video from an event called Cultural Current.  

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