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Life Is What We Make It – No Excuses!

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It feels like yesterday that I found myself in a place where life was not going my way. Have you ever felt that way? Or are you there now? 

On paper, it seemed like good stuff. I had taken a promotion and moved to another state, but quickly discovered the job was a nightmare! 

My boss was a lunatic and the job required me to travel 90% of the time. I was single at the time and, because of the travel, had no time to make friends. My quality of life was terrible!

It dawned on me one day that I had been having the same gripes and conversations for months; every time I spoke with someone, it was the same story and complaints. 

Frankly, I was sick of listening to myself, let alone anyone else having to listen to me. So I made the decision to change my situation. 

I took action and found a new job that I loved making great money, moved back to Atlanta, met my husband and, before I knew it, my life was back on track. 

Now I’m making that sound really simple, it wasn’t. It was a process but the key was realizing that only I can control my destiny. 

Have you heard the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Yes, I was insane for a while...longer than I’d like to admit. 

Do you know anyone who is insane??? Someone who complains about the same things every time you speak with them? Their marriage stinks, the kids don’t listen, they hate their job, they have not a social life, there’s nothing to do, or they’re stressed out with all the activities and commitments every weekend, and on and on. 

Or is this you? (if it is, sorry to be a Debbie Downer.)

Well, why not change your situation? 

Find ways to enhance your marriage, attend parenting classes, participate in networking groups, get involved with your church, make an effort to meet people with your same interest, do an internet search for things to do in your town, and finally, STOP filling your weekend with so many events and commitments if that's not what you want!

While most of us know solutions to our problems, actually doing something about them is another thing entirely. All too often we would rather complain about things before we put in the effort to make changes. 

So many times we feel like we’re stuck in a situation but we’re not!  The only two things for certain are death and taxes. Other than that we are so blessed to live in the United States of America where we have the freedom to create our best life.

If life isn’t what you want it to be, assess the situation, and then empower yourself and make changes.

In fact, if you feel stuck and need a guide to help you prioritize what's most important, make confident decisions to move your life in a positive direction, reach out for a discovery call to determine if our coaching program is a fit for you. Click here to schedule. 

Life is what we choose to make it! 

When you take charge of your life and embrace positive changes, your role model to your children and others how to live life to its fullest. Now get busy! Go create your best life!!

I would love to hear from you,  leave a comment sharing what may be holding you back, what successes you've overcome, how you prevailed over excuses or connect on Facebook or Instagram with thoughts…


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