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Does Anybody Want to Talk on the Phone Anymore?

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Image of vintage pink telephone.

I texted her a dissertation...I mean, another one, after my first super long message...and then it hit me:

Why don’t I just call her? 

Wow! What a revelation!

Instead of texting, instant messaging, making comments, and then checking comments on Facebook... all while trying to drive, get groceries, and make dinner…

...It is actually easier just to have a quick conversation.

Now don’t get me wrong: there are definitely times when a quick text is appropriate - like letting someone know you’re running late, confirming a meeting place, or something of that sort.  

But it seems as if we’ve gone off the deep end...myself included. 

I have text strings that are as long as the Gettysburg address! Now, I have to say that voice recognition has helped improve the communications for texting and emailing but still…

What stopped me from making the call versus this laborious exercise of going back and forth texting? 

I was afraid that the person on the other end would be annoyed that I’m actually calling.

Will they think to themselves “WHY IS SHE CALLING ME”?
The voice inside my head said, “If she wanted to talk to you, she would have called.” 

Does that mean, I’m just not “hip” enough?
Am I not embracing technology? 
Am I the old fogey that just wants to talk to people? (How uncool!)
Will I turn into my Aunt who doesn’t’ have a clue and still wants to use a rotary phone?
Is this me?!

My internal conversation concluded that this, like many things in life, is a pendulum effect  - something goes from one extreme to the other but ultimately comes back to equilibrium. 

So maybe all this nonverbal communication will come back to equilibrium at some point? What do you think? Comment and let me know!

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