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Gratitude Realigns Your Perspective

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Our children had been away for a week at an overnight summer camp. We missed them while they enjoyed this picturesque place with mountains in the distance, horse stables, and a beautiful lodge. Anticipating the camp’s closing ceremony, I was reveling in the entire experience…

...until the parent next to me leaned over and said “what’s going on, can’t they get this thing going! I didn’t drive an hour and a half to sit here! Why is the horse stable so far away?” 

Talk about a Debbie Downer!

There is so much good to focus on...but instead we find things to be offended by.

I’ve been there, when I let someone out in traffic and the person doesn’t give me the “thank you” wave. Come on!

The solution is gratitude. 

When you find yourself getting worked up about minor, ridiculous factors...step back and consider the big picture. 

Ask yourself these questions to realign your perspective: 

  • Is this really important and worthy of my energy? 
  • What are all the components of this situation that are good and positive, do those outweigh whatever it is we are wasting time being offended? 

There are certainly occasions when we need to speak up about an injustice or mistake.  But let’s not allow that to dominate. When we do choose to be offended, let’s choose wisely.

What are you grateful for today? Whether it’s something big or small, comment and let me know!

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