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Lessons from the road: Sh*&t...stuff happens:)

lessons from the road rv travel
Picture of RV with Jeep Wrangler in front of it.

We sold our big house, SUV, sedan, a lot of our furniture/stuff...then bought an RV and jeep and hit the road to travel America.  Our family (two kids and a dog!) were on an adventure!

When we started the journey out of Atlanta, we had no clue what we were doing or getting ourselves into. 

With both my husband and I working full time and the children participating in the Georgia Cyber Academy, we had to create new norms.

Life had been completely unconventional and we all learned life lessons.

One of the main lessons we learned is that SH&*T...I mean STUFF HAPPENS.

Despite reading blogs about RV’s and our best efforts to prepare, Joe at the RV dealership said it best: 

“Be sure you have a tool kit and a sense of humor when you hit the road.” 

They weren’t kidding! 

  • The door broke at a truck stop where I had to have 2 men lift me up and shove me through the window…
  • The satellite dish almost blew off on 95 North... 
  • The septic thingy malfunctioned (will spare you the details)... 
  • And on and on....

Granted, when you’re driving your house on wheels down the road it’s no surprise that things malfunction. (check this out to be either inspired or

It became a matter of assessing: what happened, why did it happen, and now what are we going to do?

When you have to figure things out and push through, it creates a sense of teamwork and accomplishment. Our philosophy whenever things don’t go as planned is “Now that’s what makes things memorable.”

Regardless of where you live or what you live in, we all have challenges that come up unexpectedly. It comes back to how you perceive that challenge. 

Sometimes it can be tough to see the lesson or have the viewpoint that it made things memorable, although, having that shift in thinking brings so much more peace.  

How do you view the challenges/adversity in your life?  Let us know, we’d love to hear from you.  

p.s. This is a very novice recap of our 1 yr. journey, the good, the bad and the ugly...stay till the end to see the map of our travels.

p.p.s. If you have big dreams that you want to figure out (doesn't have to be traveling in an RV:)), click here for a 1:1 consultation to map out a plan. 

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