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A Proven Solution To Overcome The Funk and Get Happy.

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Do you ever wake up and are in a funk?? 

Maybe you’ve got a lot on your mind or your hormones are raging (me...ugh!), and you didn’t sleep well. 

Both of these things happened to me this morning and the thought of curling up and watching Netflix for the rest of the day sounded soooo right!

Then, I looked at all the meetings on my calendar and said to myself, “put on your big girl panties and snap out of it!”. 

As unappealing as it felt, I forced myself to get dressed and slip on running shoes...then knew when clicking on my Spotify Happy Playlist, my mood, mindset and motivation would change...and it did!!

This will work for you too...I promise! 

If you want to lift your spirits and get a kick in your step, listen to music.

The great thing about music is that it is so powerful and when you are listening to your favorite melodies and harmonies your brain is triggered to release large amounts of dopamine, a chemical that sends “feel good” signals to the rest of your body.

There is also a lot of neuroscience studies in this area with regards to music therapy, which suggests that:

  • listening to your favorite aria or pop hits can help you sleep better 
  • decrease stress and reduce anxiety and depression.

Now with that said you really step it up when you listen to music:

  • With encouraging attention to the words in the song and strive to “feed” your mind positive, empowering messages. 

To get you in a positive energy state, enjoy this free curated Happy Playlists to shift your thoughts and open your mind to possibilities. Be sure to turn it up loud and get lost in the music. 

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P.s. I’d like to challenge you to listen to the words of the songs in your playlists and consider deleting those that don’t serve you.

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