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The Best You is around the corner!

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How do you see yourself?

Do you see yourself as healthy and vivacious? Or fat and lethargic??

Our minds impact how we live and what kind of life we create. 

The key is to be real honest. 

Are your actions aligned with how you see yourself? 

If how you see yourself doesn’t align with how you want to see yourself...then determine who or what you want to be, and start telling yourself that is who you are. 

What kind of self-talk is your internal dialogue speaking?

Our internal thoughts are the most powerful driver to determine our potential. The key is how we speak to ourselves. 

For example: “I am a writer, motivational/inspirational speaker, and author”. My goal is to overcome my own fear and share life lessons with others to inspire them to live their best life and realize their own self-worth and potential.

Everything is about choices. 

How great, mediocre, or miserable our life depends on the choices we make...and those choices are driven by our thoughts.  The quality of our lives is determined by how purposeful we are with the direction and choices we make every day. And the days start to fly by quicker with every year that goes by!

Try this: Write down your ideal self as if it already happened. Imagine all the best qualities and characteristics of who you want to be. Now embrace that picture and constantly move in the direction of the actions that support your best self. One small step at a time. 

Download the free resources guide here for inspiration!

If you do this regularly, life and circumstances will change for the better...Try it, what have you got to lose?  

Who is your ideal self? Comment and share your vision of your best matter how crazy it may seem!

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