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Dreams – Be Careful Who You Tell

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My parents divorced when I was sixteen. 

I set my college applications aside and felt devastated as I watched my friends go off to school.

I began my career in sales and became a top producer moving up the corporate ladder. Not having a degree wasn’t an issue because if you produce no one seems to care…

...But I cared! 

When people asked where I went to college, a knot would form in my stomach. I’d do anything to avoid that conversation! 

In my early thirties, I decided I was going to get a degree for me.

I discovered Executive MBA programs with weekend classes that are designed for business people.  Boom, that’s it!  I’ll take the GMAT and use my business experience as leverage to get accepted. 

A friend informed me: “You can’t get an MBA without an undergraduate degree!” 

There it was again...that twinge when someone crushes your dream...but that wasn’t going to stop me. 

After pursuing the admissions committee as I would a hot prospect, the University finally accepted me into the program. They nicknamed me “Rudy”. (If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll get it)

What are your dreams? 

What big things do you want to accomplish that seem almost unattainable? 

Maybe it is to complete a marathon, triathlon or 10K, start a business, create a non-profit organization, become a pilot, go skydiving...whatever it is that seems like it’s a stretch. 

And if you share the idea with certain people they start pointing out all the reasons it can’t happen.

Don’t listen to them! Be very careful who you share your dreams with. 

Florence Griffith Joiner, the four-time Olympic Gold track star once said “I believe in the impossible because no one else does, and that gives me a better chance of achieving it.”

You CAN triumph at just about anything you set your mind to do. Now follow your dreams and go make “IT” happen!  

Start with what it is that you want to achieve then “reverse engineer” the steps to get there. 

- Take classes,
- Network with others who are doing what you’re interested in achieving,
- Read,
- Research avenues to gain knowledge,
- Meet and talk to everyone and anyone related to what you want to do.
- Continue taking action to move forward.  

It’s amazing all that will come to you. Only focus on how your dream CAN happen.

What if we all pursued those big goals, ideas, dreams… imagine how much more we would attain in our lives. Just remember to find those who will encourage you and do the same for others. Go for it!

What is your big, crazy dream? Comment and let me know!

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