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Feeling Inadequate

inadequate no pain no gain
Group of working women

It’s 3:00 a.m. just 20 minutes from the last time I looked! My mind races with thoughts of overwhelming anxiety and feelings of inadequacy.

A close friend offered me an amazing opportunity to work on a project with one of her large clients. I was flattered, especially since I haven’t worked in the field that was her company’s specialty, and I had no experience in the position. She was brave to hire me and must have confidence in my abilities, right? 

Was it normal to have the jitters the night before Day 1? What have I gotten myself into? 

...she must have made a mistake...

The Things That Keep Us Up At Night 

Has this ever happened to you? If you have children then you can likely relate.Remember that first night home with your baby?

Or on another note, the time you agreed to take on a lead role in a project or organization. Perhaps you’ve gone back to school after taking time off. You agreed to speak at an event. 

Whatever the new venture may be, what sounded like a great idea in the beginning, has you wound up once you dig a little deeper.  You realize you’ve never done something like this - and you aren’t even sure how to complete the task.

No Pain | No Gain

It can be a struggle sometimes when we challenge ourselves out of the comfort zones of our experiences. It is much easier to sit on the couch watching “Dancing With The Stars” than it is to get out there and Salsa in front of a million people! Wow! not sure if I could do that one?

Everyone who is skilled at something was once a beginner matter what comfort zone they left to begin building their proficiency. 

Sometimes we can feel like giving up when things get difficult. However, If and I can stick it out, and push forward through that deep sense of inadequacy we feel (just before our confidence takes hold)…

...what a sense of accomplishment awaits us when we reach the goal!

If (or when) you get in over your head, just remember:

Each and every one of us is capable of just about anything we set our minds to! (I tell myself that every day!)

Stay strong.  Focus on solutions. 

And learn everything you can along the way...

Thanks to Google, the information you need is out there! Now go make it happen and have the confidence in yourself that “IT” is possible!

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