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It’s not about you.

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The tailgating seemed like a deliberate case of harassment. 

I approached the toll booth, and this car came riding up on my bumper again

I found myself getting really ticked. 

What is this person’s problem?

I got more annoyed as we continued down the highway...but then the traffic broke up, the car sped by me, and exited off the ramp toward the hospital.

I immediately felt embarrassed...Why did I think it was about me? 

That person doesn’t even know me and I was getting ticked off as if it was a personal offense.

This happens with people you know, too. 

Have you ever called a friend and they didn’t return your call?
Or you email someone and never hear back?
Or you find out some friends had lunch and you weren’t invited?
Or there’s a hostess party that someone committed to and didn’t show up? 

You immediately start thinking, “I can’t believe she didn’t call or email me back! Or didn’t show up! Or they met without inviting me!” Only to find out that...

...your friend was on vacation,
...their email address had changed,
...she’s overwhelmed with a family crisis.
...The friends had lunch because they ran into each other at the store...

Most of the time, it’s not about us. 

So the next time there’s a situation where you start to question someone’s actions and begin to take them personally…STOP and say “It’s not about me”. Odds are that person has “stuff” going on that has nothing to do with you.

 Wouldn’t it be great if we all gave the benefit of the doubt when these circumstances arise? It just might be a kinder, gentler world.  What helps you shift into happiness? Comment and let me know?

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