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Try THIS to have peace during the holidays

family time stress
Woman drinking hot drink with holiday lights in background.

It’s that time of year. 

I’m sitting in my cozy spot on the couch, drinking my coffee, and reflecting on the sweet family traditions, great meals, eggnog, and…

...Oh gosh, STRESS

My mind starts to race as I contemplate the numerous things that “need” to be accomplished in the next 42 days…ughhh!

Does this happen to you, too? 

The holiday season, theoretically, sounds so fun with all the parties, family gatherings, giving, and helping others...which is wonderful!  

But then there is the opposing reality:
What will we do for Thanksgiving?
Should we host at our home or travel to family?
Can we get together with friends who are local?
How can we volunteer to serve others?

Now on to Christmas in, gulp, 27 days! There are teacher gifts, school parties, what do we get for the family who we see once a year? Where is the Christmas card list? Is there a decent family photo, NO, oh great should we hire a photographer? Shutterfly, or Walmart for cards?

There’s the Angel tree at school, donating toys at Church, volunteering at the Salvation Army. The children want new smartphones and the latest version iPad, while your daughter is asking for a Juicy Couture purse…(how does she even know what that is??) 

So do we dip into the 401K or get real about what we can really afford? 

Is your neck getting stiff just thinking about all this “stuff”!? 

Isn’t this supposed to be the season of Joy and Peace?

 A few years ago I had an Aha moment, a total paradigm shift: 

I don’t have to do all these things. 

I can DECIDE what I’m going to do. 

And I can also DECIDE what I’m NOT going to do. 

This allowed me to enjoy the holiday season and avoid the feelings of inadequacy from the nagging list of things hanging over my head. 

There’s not enough bandwidth to do everything. Decide what is most important to you.

Write all of the “to do’s” for this holiday season. Then get real and DECIDE what you will do and DECIDE what you won’t do. 

This is your holiday too; make it fun, festive, and manageable. You deserve it!  What helps you shift into holiday happiness? Comment and let me know!

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