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4 simple Tips To Be Happier and More Joyful

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Have you ever driven to work, the grocery store, or somewhere else that you frequent and suddenly realize you have no idea how you got there?? Freaky, huh?  I’ve walked our dog many times and then later had no recollection of doing it. 

Why is that? 

We’re all in a trance!! 

You have approximately 70,000 thoughts per day...which is 1.2 thoughts per second!

Your mind is in overdrive with constant internal dialogue. 

With all those thoughts, the National Science Foundation shows that 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive. Wow!! Is that a wake-up call or what!? (no pun intended).

You most likely spend a lot of time thinking about what you’ve got to do tomorrow or what happened yesterday. Many times that translates into judgment, guilt, worry, or beating yourself up about a situation. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

When you get present, time actually expands and joy rises. 

You have the power within you to create the quality of your life and it all starts with your thoughts. Whether it’s your relationships with yourself and others, spiritual life, your work/career, financial, fun, environment...  

Here are a few things that have worked for me to guide in improved quality of life,  and I know will work for you too:

Awareness: I’d like to challenge you to pay attention to your thoughts for the next 7 days...I bet you’ll be surprised, too. This provides a benchmark for where you are with your thinking. (if you want to dig in deeper, we go over this in my Mindset Reset Coaching Program.

Set a timer on your phone to remind you to be present throughout your sure it’s a sound that is calm, I use the Silk tone on my iPhone and have it set for the morning, afternoon, and evening. This provides you with an opportunity to check your thinking and snap out of it if you need to, bringing awareness to thought.

Develop a mantra or saying that works for you and have it top of mind. Write it on some post-it notes and have it in different places where you are during the day. My mantra is, “I am present and my life runs at the perfect pace.”  This is one that I came up with when my life felt completely out of control, I felt overwhelmed with negative bandwidth in a constant hurry. I knew that this was no way to live and it’s not for you either. Saying these words shifts my mindset every time and life gets in balance...try it! 

Slow down to speed up. Give yourself a timeout to clear your mind. Listening to guided meditation, I love Christian Guided Meditations on YouTube, Deepak, and Oprah’s Energy of Attraction, Desire & Destiny as well as others. Figure out what works for you. If formal meditation isn’t your jam, then get outside and take a walk, grab a cup of tea while listening to some music, whatever helps you to clear your mind and slow down. 

These small, simple modifications that ultimately add up to big results. Implement these easy strategies each day and they will become habits for you. Time will expand as you are present in the moment and the feeling of joy will grow as you savor the little things that used to go by the wayside. 

Change can feel daunting if it's too much too soon, so take it one day at a time with one small step. Then you’ll wake up one day and realize that you’ve improved your thinking and improved your life. 

I’ve got a bundle of free resources for adding value to your life and positively impacting your thinking...check them out here!

If you're not sure what to do...I’m here to help, schedule a call with me and let’s work together to create your Intentional Life Success Plan both at work and at home.

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