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5 Simple Steps to Gain Confidence in the Workplace

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Do you feel confident at work? 

Are you wasting time feeling like you don’t measure up or others are better than you? 

STOP the madness!! You’ve got what it takes, and it is possible to up your game to be unstoppable

To move forward in your career, gaining confidence is a key component. 

Whether you're just starting in your career or reinventing yourself, we can all have bouts of feeling less than...

...but it IS possible to improve and experience positive effects in all areas of your life. 

Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way. Confidence isn't about feeling superior to others. It's a quiet inner knowledge that you're capable. Confident people: feel secure rather than insecure. And this all ties back to mindset and how we see ourselves.

At one point in my career, I felt so insecure it was palpable. It took all I had to look people in the eye and speak in a tone that would be heard. I remember sitting in a meeting where the discussion was about ideas to grow the business. There was many swirling around in my head but when my boss called on me, I froze and answered with some rambling meek response. At that moment, I thought to myself, I’ve lost all credibility, and no one will take me seriously. Ugh…. what a horrible feeling!! 

Has that ever happened to you? 

70% of people admit to regularly lacking confidence in themselves when it comes to their careers and speaking up at work. However, more women (79%) experience a lack of confidence in the workplace than men (62%), according to a UK based study.

The good news is that there are specific actions that you can take to grow your confidence and improve your mindset, ultimately escalating your life and your career to the next level! 

Check these out:

1.) Are you in your sweet spot?? If you’re an introvert who loves numbers and you’ve been put in a sales role that gives you hives every time you think of interacting with other humans... or if you’re an extrovert who loves people, but you are in front of a computer screen all day doing data entry...then you’re going to be miserable, and your confidence will be zilch. When you are working in your sweet spot of your natural talents and abilities, things seem to flow, and with that comes stellar confidence.  Many times, you don’t even realize what your gifts are because they come easy to you. The tough thing is that sometimes you’ve been advised by well-intentioned people that you “should” be doing a particular job but at the end of the day is not a good fit. 

A great resource to figure out your strengths is the Rightpath 4/6 behavioral assessment. This in-depth assessment identifies how you are “hardwired” and provides insight on your natural abilities and can steer you in a direction for what will light you up. 

2.) Become a student of your business. If you’re in a role that leverages your strengths but you’re still feeling that knot in your stomach sometimes, dig into learning all that you can about your business, industry, competitors, etc.   Knowledge is power. Seek out others in the organization who are experts with the products, services, skill sets where you want to shine, spend time with them, ask questions, be vulnerable and demonstrate that you have the desire to be the best. Be intentional to set up coffee or lunch meetings and come prepared with questions and clarity about what you want to learn or advice you want to acquire. Intelligent people don’t know the answer to every question, they know who to ask, or how to find the answer...and that intelligent person is you

3.) Take the Bull by the Horns and utilize resources that the organization provides to improve. This may require you digging around the company’s intranet, connecting with the training department, asking your leader about other options to gain skills related to your role. Also, there may be budgets for training outside the company for various expertise that you’d like to acquire. You must pursue it, don’t wait for someone to tell you what you should do. Great things happen when you take initiative!

4.) Invest in yourself! I remember working for a company and there wasn’t a budget for outside training and initially I had this attitude that I’m not spending my own money...if my leader wants me to get training in something, the company should pay for it! I was wrong...I’ve learned that when I invest in myself, that is the best money I can spend. When you grow, learn and improve, then you gain more value in the marketplace and that is something that no one can take away from you. 

Check out hiring a coach, leadership seminars, communication classes, self-improvement programs, or whatever area you want to grow. This will be worth every penny.  (One option is my coaching program where we catapult your life and career providing you with bandwidth and peace for your best life.) 

5.) Envision Your Best Self. That sounds soft and squishy, right? However, this is where mindset comes in and what we believe is possible. Everything starts with your thinking and what you believe is achievable in your career, relationships, finances, health, environment…. all aspects of life.  Set yourself up for success by “feeding” your mind positive messages via books, audiobooks, podcasts, like-minded, growth-oriented people who add value to your life and lift you up and most importantly set your intention each day and see yourself living out a confident self-assured life. Check out my recommendations list here!

Executing these steps will create momentum and increase confidence. Notice the common denominator in these 5 taking action. This will amplify your confidence as well just by the feeling of empowering and taking charge.  You’ve got this!!!

Need accountability on your journey? My coaching program may be a good fit for you. 

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