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These Are The Good ol’ Days!

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Emotions ran high. Frustration grew as time was ticking. Our family zipped around trying to make sure we had everything needed for the entire day. We had to get on the road PRONTO. 

It was the crack of dawn on a Sunday and frankly, I was annoyed that we’d gotten ourselves into this crazy schedule. Our children were young and we chose this life of being on the go, so I certainly couldn’t play the victim. Ugh…don’t ya hate when that happens!

The previous week I had a conversation with ladies at work whose children were grown up and out of the house. They shared about the days of sports events and being on the go with a look of yearning and a tone of nostalgia. They advised, “enjoy this time, you will miss it.” WHAT? Are they serious!

So back to this crazy morning where we can’t find a cleat, my daughter’s ponytail wasn’t tight enough, and my son refused to wear his jacket…it hit me…These ARE the Good Ol’ Days!

After that, my husband and I were laughing with our children reminiscing…

...about the time our son got into my expensive hair gel and smeared it in his hair and all over the bathroom. 

...And when both children dumped an entire box of Styrofoam peanuts all over the house that couldn’t be vacuumed because they were too big, plus static electricity had taken over and they were sticking to everything. Oh boy, that one almost put me through the roof.

 We had so much fun ruminating about those days and all the mischief they got into.

 So, whatever is happening and you think you’re going to lose your mind, take a moment to consider that these are the good ol’ days. 

It is not always easy, but having that paradigm shift got me through many mornings.

Now off to the next crazy adventure!

What memory came to your mind? Share your story with our community!

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