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What is your bliss?

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Pink flower in bloom.

It is a brisk morning; the sun radiates its warmth on my face. My body is in a rhythm as I hit mile two of my run. 

A favorite song of mine blasts through my earbuds, my pace picks up as I get lost in the music. It is a feeling of pure bliss! 

Memories flashback to my life when all I had to do was take care of myself. Running was such a big part of my life. I realize how much I miss this piece of me. Do you ever feel this way, too?

What is your bliss? The activities that brought you delight have been pushed aside by family, career, and other obligations. Of course, you love your family, and a twinge of guilt kicks in; however, there’s a void that you can’t put your finger on. 

Your mind is so cluttered with all the “noise” of life that you aren’t even conscious of the fact that you haven’t taken a moment to indulge in something that is just for you.

Was there a time when taking that spin class not only exercised your body but left you feeling strong and powerful? 

Maybe it’s that drawing or painting hobby that allowed you to enter into a mindset of creativity?  

Or was it getting out for a hike and breathing in all the energy of nature which refreshed and revitalized your spirit? 

It could be building model cars or restoring furniture? 

We all have something that brings out our inner child and generates tremendous joy.

Identify what it is for you. What is your bliss? 

Think back about what aspect of you has taken a back seat. Make time in the next five days to bring her to the forefront. 

Research that sculpture class, sign up for the running club, figure out where there’s a cooking school to learn some new recipes, pull out those hiking boots, and find a trail nearby. Make it happen, you deserve it!

Our lives can be full in many ways. We can love our family but still yearn for that “something” that is just for us.  Give yourself permission and go for it. A happier and more fulfilled YOU will provide a better role model to everyone. 

What is that bliss you are going to do this week? Share your story and connect with other ambitious moms on Facebook or Instagram.


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